Ros­ter Men’s Indoor National Team Euro­pean Box Lacrosse Championships

The Ger­man Men’s Indoor LAcrosse National Team is proud to annouce their ros­ter for the Euro­pean Box Lacrosse Cham­pi­onships 2017 which are being hosted by Finn­land. The tour­na­ment will be tak­ing place in Turku and run from July 8th — 15th. All games will be streamed live.

The Ger­man team has been prepar­ing in sev­eral camps and toruna­ments to show the finest Ger­man lacrosse in the first ever Euros in men’s box lacrosse. We are par­tic­u­lary proud that all play­ers have con­tributed to the pro­gram over the past month and the vast major­ity is home grown tal­ent from a vari­ety of Ger­man clubs. With one of the youngest teams in the toruna­ment Ger­many will be fac­ing Euro­pean pow­er­house Czech Repub­lic and Eng­land in addi­tion to host Finn­land in the round robin. These early tough matches will be a good indi­ca­tor of where the team might be able to fin­ish. Godd news: even fin­ish­ing last in the group doesnt pre­vent a par­tic­i­pa­tion for the final!

If you are inter­ested in our team you can fol­low our face­book page for fre­quent updates and find out about each indi­vid­ual player in detail.

Because play­ers finance the toruna­ment out of their own pock­ets we put up a fundraiser where you can con­tribute a bit and even get a lit­tle treat from the team. Please check it out and share.

Find below the ros­ter of the Ger­man Men’s Indoor Lacrosse National Team 2017

Posi­tion First Name Last Name Lacrosse Club Jer­sey #
T Max­i­m­il­ian Bieber HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 22
O (A) Marc Bran­den­burger KKHT Schwarz — Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 15
O Philipp Broz KKHT Schwarz — Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 20
D (A) Carsten Dons­bach HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 45
O © Wolf­gang Griessl HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 6
O Frieder Hamann USV TU Dres­den e.V. 7
O Flo­rian Heller HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V 16
T (A) Sebas­t­ian Herzberg Berliner Hockey-​Club e.V. 48
T Ste­fan Koch RoLaX — Ros­tock Lacrosse e. V. 8
D Matthias Lehna HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 4
O Artjom Meri­asch Berliner Hockey-​Club e.V. 23
D Thomas Nie­pel PTSV Jahn Freiburg 9
T Lenny Nöring Düs­sel­dor­fer Sport Club 99 e.V. 24
O Per Olters SC 1880 Frank­furt e. V. 13
O Max­i­m­il­ian San­dlein KKHT Schwarz — Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 61
T Patrick Schilling Rhein-​Neckar Lacrosse e.V. 31
D Dominic Schüler KKHT Schwarz — Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 29
G Jonathan Siev­ers Berliner Hockey-​Club e.V. 77
G Craig Wende Toronto Mon­archs 65
D Roland Wittmann Düs­sel­dor­fer Sport Club 99 e.V. 10
D Mar­ius Wolter KKHT Schwarz — Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 73
D Michael Wolter HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 37
D Björn Wulfmeyer HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 33
O Tim Wun­der­lich HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. 40
G Tilo Fuchs HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. Alter­nate
T Thilo Siegel HLC Rot-​Weiß München e.V. Alter­nate

© = Team Cap­tain (A) = Alter­nate Captain