The selection period lasted for a few months. In that time, the coaches ran three separate camps – one in Dusseldorf, one in Berlin, and the other in Ulm – and from the 100+ players who tried out, they selected 41 going forward into the next stage of the trialling process.

‚The standard of these camps was excellent, and we are very thankful to everyone who came and tried out for the team!‘, Matthew Bagley (Head Coach) said as representative for the men’s national team’s coaching staff.


However, the coaches are very excited to begin working with the members of this 41 man training squad after the German domestic season is over in June. The selected players will have three sessions over the summer, and then the coaches will choose a final roster of 23 players (with 4 alternates) that will be taken to represent Germany during the 2016 European Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The staff and the DLaxV wish everyone the best of luck going forward.

41-man Germany training squad
# NameCurrent School/ClubPosition
1)Andersson, Jean-ChristianBHC BerlinM
2)Baum, ChristianKKHT CologneM
3)Benninger, JanBHC BerlinG
4)Bieber, MaxHLC RW MünchenD & LSM
5)Brandenburger, MarcKKHT CologneA
6)Broz, PhilippKKHT CologneM
7)Dalheimer, JohannesKarlsruhe StormSSDM
8)Fooken, JannikKKHT CologneM
9)Fohrmann, BenediktHLC RW MünchenD
10)Grießl, WolfgangHLC RW MünchenM
11)Hofmockel, RobertHLC RW MünchenM
12)Höller, StefanKKHT CologneD
13)Horstmann, Kai TobiasBHC BerlinA
14)Kauffman, NicolaiHLC RW MünchenD
15)Klinger, ConstantinS.C. Frankfurt 1880 e.V.SSDM
16)Kuhlemann, AlexanderFreie Turner Würzburg 1899A
17)Lauen, MariusKKHT CologneD
18)Lehna, MatthiasHLC RW MünchenD
19)Maas, PhilippHLC RW MünchenG
20)Merjasch, ArtjomBHC BerlinA
21)Miofsky, JanABV StuttgartA
22)Möll, LukasRegensburger HTCM
23)Nitz, LarsSCC BerlinM
24)Nolte, AdrianKKHT CologneA
25)Nösser, MaximilianSCC BerlinLSM
26)Rau, MatthiasD
27)Richter, SebastianKarlsruhe StormA
28)Schüler, DominicKKHT CologneF/O & SSDM
29)Shibata, RyoDHC HannoverG
30)Siegel, ThiloHLC RW MünchenF/O & SSDM
31)Spiegel, MoritzHLC RW MünchenG
32)Steinfels, JakeHTHC HamburgLSM
33)Thönißen, SebastianKKHT CologneF/O & SSDM
34)Tophoven, LukasBHC BerlinD & LSM
35)Ufer, DavidHTHC HamburgD
36)van Eijkelenburg, JanKKHT CologneD
37)Werfs, PhilipABV StuttgartG
38)Werner, PhilipHLC RW MünchenD & LSM
39)Wittmann, PeterTurnerbund 1888 Erlangen e.V.M
40)Wittmann, RolandDüsseldorfer Sport-Club 1899 e.V.D
41)Wulfmeyer, BjöernHLC RW MünchenLSM
42)Wunderlich, TimHLC RW MünchenA
43)Zizka, CasparKKHT CologneM