18. Mai 2017

Roster Men's Indoor National Team European Box Lacrosse Championships

The German Men's Indoor LAcrosse National Team is proud to annouce their roster for the European Box Lacrosse Championships 2017 which are being hosted by Finnland. The tournament will be taking place in Turku and run from July 8th - 15th. All games will be streamed live.


The German team has been preparing in several camps and torunaments to show the finest German lacrosse in the first ever Euros in men's box lacrosse. We are particulary proud that all players have contributed to the program over the past month and the vast majority is home grown talent from a variety of German clubs. With one of the youngest teams in the torunament Germany will be facing European powerhouse Czech Republic and England in addition to host Finnland in the round robin. These early tough matches will be a good indicator of where the team might be able to finish. Godd news: even finishing last in the group doesnt prevent a participation for the final!

If you are interested in our team you can follow our facebook page for frequent updates and find out about each individual player in detail.

Because players finance the torunament out of their own pockets we put up a fundraiser where you can contribute a bit and even get a little treat from the team. Please check it out and share.

Find below the roster of the German Men's Indoor Lacrosse National Team 2017

Position First Name Last Name Lacrosse Club Jersey #
T Maximilian Bieber HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 22
O  (A) Marc Brandenburger KKHT Schwarz - Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 15
O Philipp Broz KKHT Schwarz - Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 20
D  (A) Carsten Donsbach HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 45
O  (C) Wolfgang Griessl HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 6
Frieder Hamann USV TU Dresden e.V. 7
O Florian Heller HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V 16
T  (A) Sebastian Herzberg Berliner Hockey-Club e.V. 48
T Stefan Koch RoLaX - Rostock Lacrosse e. V. 8
D Matthias Lehna HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 4
O Artjom Meriasch Berliner Hockey-Club e.V. 23
D Thomas Niepel PTSV Jahn Freiburg 9
T Lenny Nöring Düsseldorfer Sport Club 99 e.V. 24
O Per Olters SC 1880 Frankfurt e. V. 13
O Maximilian Sandlein KKHT Schwarz - Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 61
T Patrick Schilling Rhein-Neckar Lacrosse e.V. 31
D Dominic Schüler KKHT Schwarz - Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 29
G Jonathan Sievers Berliner Hockey-Club e.V. 77
G Craig Wende Toronto Monarchs 65
D Roland Wittmann Düsseldorfer Sport Club 99 e.V. 10
D Marius Wolter KKHT Schwarz - Weiß Köln 1920 e.V. 73
D Michael Wolter HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 37
Björn Wulfmeyer HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 33
O Tim Wunderlich HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. 40
G Tilo Fuchs HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. Alternate
Thilo Siegel HLC Rot-Weiß München e.V. Alternate

(C) = Team Captain  (A) = Alternate Captain

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