17. Februar 2013




When he came to Bulgaria to help our fledgling lacrosse program in 2010, four-time NCAA Div. II champion Coach John Laden brought with him, apart from the 20+ years of coaching experience also the true spirit of lacrosse. The first thing he had us learn was not a fancy championship-winning dodge or a special offense drill, but a simple message that he instated as our team chant: WE AND US! That special emphasis on team spirit embodies everything that makes lacrosse so special and sets it apart from all the other sports.


So when a few weeks ago we learned that he was diagnosed with cancer, we got together with our team, as well as our buddies from Vienna Monarchs (whose tournament we attended with John a year ago) and with some of the other members of the European lacrosse family that John was introduced to during his stay here, and made this video to show our support. We have a special message to our newest foe that just like on the field, if you mess with one, you mess with all, and we invite you to join us on our little quest.


You can contribute to our campaign by either adding to our video-chain (e-mail:svilen@weandus.org with your submissions) or donating (using the button below) to help with John's medical bills. Each person donating $25 or more will receive one of our limited edition WEandUS T-Shirts - and no, that's not coming out of your money, but out of ours - we are donating these t-shirts too, as a way to raise awareness for our cause, which we truly hope you'll help us with by wearing them proudly and upholding the spirit of lacrosse. We appreciate your support!

Sticks up... WE AND US!

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